Halloween Fun

It’s Halloween!  Kids of all ages love when special events roll through the calendar because it breaks up the every day hum drum.  In this post I will write a goal or goals along with an activity to target while having loads of fun.  Remember to let your creativity shine and expand these activities to other goals as well!  Have fun and Happy Halloween!

  1. Goal(s): Blowing is a great activity to address lip rounding, diaphragmatic breathing, and resonance.

Activity: All you need is a plastic spider and a straw.  Set kids up at the end of the               table and let the races begin!  Side note, I prefer to have kids standing and not                     hunched over as seen in the below picture when working on diaphragmatic                         breathing.  Also, make sure tongue is not touching the straw.

2. Goal:  This activity is great for addressing sounds and/or expanding sentences.

Activity:  Spooky Spider.  Get black construction paper and cut out a circle for body and 8 strips for the legs.  If working on sounds then write the target sound on the body and the words including that sound on the legs.  If working on expanding sentences then you can put a target word such as “spider” on body and then build on it by writing words on legs (i.e. The “spider” is black.)  There are many directions to go with this activity so expand as you see fit.

3. Goal: This activity is great for addressing sounds, expanding sentences, answering questions, targeting locational concepts, etc.

Activity: Monster Mouth.  You can get a paper bag or a tissue box and create a mouth to put items in.  Allow the individual to decorate the bag/box to create the look of a monster.  Once this is done you can gather items around house and “feed” the monster.  If they are working on specific sounds, then gather items that have those sounds in it and they must say what it is as they put it in its mouth.  If they are working on expanding sentences then have them say something like, “The monster eats the sock” or “The sock is in his mouth.”  Again, be creative and adjust as needed.

Monster Alphabet Craft & Activity

4. Goal:  Do you have a picky eater on your hands?  A round of Fear Factor is a great way of introducing foods of varying textures, smells, and tastes in a fun way.  This is also a great activity for older teens and they can “guess” what the food is that they are eating while remembering to produce their sounds correctly or use a complete sentence in correct grammatical order.

Activity: Fear Factor!  Get some candy and/or food of varying textures and tastes and place on a plate.  Blindfold the individual and have them smell, lick, and/or eat the food presented then let them guess what it is.  They can score points/candy if they guess it correctly.  You can even use the above mentioned Monster Mouth activity as a warm up for the younger kids that may be more hesitant.  Have them feed the monster an assortment of food first and then it will be their turn.  Have fun and be creative!

These are just a few ideas and you can find so much more on Pinterest.  Remember to make it fun and tailor it to what your specific goals are.  Happy Halloween!

photo of child holding jack o lantern
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com