Speech Empowerment Program

Empower TeleSpeech is proud to announce the launch of our Speech Empowerment Program!  We are partnering up with universities who provide post secondary education to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and will be offering speech and language services to their students.  At this age and stage, effective communication is crucial for job placement, social gatherings, and overall independent living and we at Empower TeleSpeech want to do our part in helping that be a success!

Empower TeleSpeech will provide speech and language services via teletherapy to students enrolled in the university which will be offered as an optional “class.”  The university will facilitate scheduling, tech support, and ongoing correspondence with the treating speech-language pathologist.  The therapy sessions will be individualized for each student, targeting (1) oral-motor and articulation skills for improved speech intelligibility, (2) expressive and receptive language skills including working memory for improved attention and information retention, and (3) social language skills for interacting with other students and adults in class, around campus, and in professional settings.

Current participating universities are ClemsonLIFE and Aggie ACHIEVE.

The Speech Empowerment Program will include the following:

  1. A formal speech and language assessment, goal development, and full assessment report
  2. Weekly 30-minute speech therapy sessions along with homework activities (16 week semester)
  3. Monthly check-ins with caregivers and/or University facilitators
  4. End of semester progress report

In addition, Empower TeleSpeech will donate 3% of proceeds from each semester to Ruby’s Rainbow, a nonprofit organization that grants college scholarships to individuals “rockin’ an extra chromosome” so they can go to college!  This organization has helped so many individuals pursue their dream of higher education and independence and Empower TeleSpeech wants to do our part to help send more people to college.

If you are a post secondary institution interested in adding this fantastic opportunity to your program, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this in further detail with you.

If you are a parent interested in this opportunity for your college-age child, please contact us and we will work out all the details so that your child will have access to these services as well.

There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more. -Robert M. Hensel

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